You Can Draw! Here’s How

Yes, You Can Draw! Power Up Workshop April 23 and 30, 2022 John Tullis, Instructor

Two Saturdays — April 23 and April 30 

9:00 AM to 3:30 PM,

1/2 hour break at Noon.

Bring a lunch, enjoy
the artwork in the Gallery!

This 2-Saturday course is for beginners and those who
want to continue to improve their drawing skills. If you’re just
starting out, you’ll discover the joy of finding your artistic
potential. If you’re a returning student, we’ll focus on areas
where you want to get better.

John Tullis, Instructor

Tuition:  $125

*see below for syllabus and materials list

Workshop Limited to 6 Students — Reserve your space

To Register:
You can sign up and pay at my website, using Stripe or PayPal.

The first step in learning to draw is discovering how to see your world with the eyes of an artist.
I’ll introduce you to the same principles that have guided the greatest artists of all time.
This workshop is designed to be a hands-on experience that allows you to learn at your own
pace. I will briefly explain the basic principles and then give you fun and interesting exercises.
Watch yourself get better and better!
Saturday, April 23
Morning Session — Learning To See Geometry In Art
You will discover that everything visual is made of points, lines and planes. You will learn how
to see these relationships and connect the dots!
Morning Session — The Power Of Light
You will see how light defines every surface and every object. You’ll discover the value scale
and learn why it’s more important than color!
Saturday, April 30
Morning Session — Building A Composition
Your unique visual language needs a framework. You will learn the basic principles of design
and composition so you can create artwork with impact. Additional materials for this class:
construction paper and glue for collage.
Afternoon Session — Perspective and Plein Air
I’ll show you the magic of understanding Spacial Coordinates X, Y and Z. Then you’ll step
outside and draw a scene in real time, using all the tricks in your bag!


Charcoal pencils, vine charcoal and compressed charcoal sticks. White charcoal pencil or
sticks. Kneaded rubber eraser. Large 18” x 24” pad of rough newsprint, or white bond paper.
Large 23” x 26” drawing board with clips. Construction paper, scissors and glue or paste for
Composition (first Saturday).


John Tullis earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and followed that with 40 years’ experience in the graphic arts industry. About 15 years ago he returned to his love of fine art and took up oil painting in plein air. About the same time he resumed his study of the human figure in weekly life drawing studio sessions. Now retired, he’s launching his third career as an art instructor.

Please see his website: for his gallery of fine art drawings and paintings.