Procreate for Artists

Pat Calabro, Instructor


Fridays, 11 AM – 1 PM      

August 20, 27 September 10, 17

Tuition: 4 class meetings $125

To register:

email Pat Calabro at

If you are an iPad user aspiring to learn digital painting with Procreate, then this is the right course for you. It will introduce to you the basics of working with Procreate on iPad, step-by-step.  With the help of this course, you will explore the tools in Procreate. You will understand what the various file types mean, master Procreate tools, learn to add colors to your drawings, and familiarize with an action menu.  By the end of the course, you will be able to create drawings and paintings using Procreate’s powerful art tools.

Classes will dip into technical process and the many wonderful things you can do on the IPad.

​Pat Calabro is an abstract painter who uses Procreate to make work that is satisfying and fun. Representational Artists can also use Procreate as a development tool or a primary substrate.  Consider Plein Air without all the mess.  Covid-19 has prompted so many of us to go ‘Virtual’ and promote our work using Facebook, Instagram, email and other tools.  Creating work on the Ipad is ideal for this. The first step is creating the work, and Pat uses a software program on her Ipad called Procreate to create my work. Here’s what you will need:

  • iPad (any size) Procreate works only on Apple IOS.
  • Stylus (Apple Pencil preferred)
  • Procreate App
  • Wifi connection

Pat is offering a Free private 1/2 hour Introductory class!
Pat’s introductory class will be on Zoom and give you a flavor of what you can do and how to move files. We might want to do this before class so that we can feel out where you are.  I will be offering introductory classes throughout the year. Contact her at